Peach Wood Splits
PitMaster Premium

Peach Wood shares many traits of the other fruit varieties in that it tends toward mild and sweeter smoke flavors. Many folks feel it has a light spiciness that's lacking in other fruit woods, which helps set it apart. A great general purpose wood that produces excellent color.

The same hand selected wood as used in our premium wood chunks and chips, brought to you in a mini splits format of 5 - 5.5 inches long. Typically includes bark.

Part of our PitMaster Premium line, this product has been naturally seasoned and has a higher moisture content than kiln-dried wood. Some insect damage may be present, but is less typical. Please see product pictures for examples.

Please note:
We highly recommend you open your package/s immediately after receipt to allow the wood to breathe and avoid damaging the contents. Pitmaster Premium products have intentionally higher moisture content for premium performance when used in BBQ that can lead to product damage in an enclosed environment. We are not liable for product damage after receipt. Use your hardwood responsibly!


Flavor Profile

Mild and sweet smoke with a light spice note

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