Apple Wood Chunks
PitMaster Premium

There is a good reason more people use Apple Wood to barbecue & smoke their food every year: It tastes great! It's also easy to use due to it's milder flavor compared to some other varieties. We find that being able to smoke longer with Apple Wood is great for smoke penetration in the food. You will be amazed at the deep rings produced with this Apple Wood!

Part of our PitMaster Premium line, this product has been naturally seasoned and has a higher moisture content than kiln-dried wood. This product is mostly comprised of a variety of "rounds" of differing sizes, typically including bark. Some insect damage may be present, but is less typical. Please see product pictures for examples in each size.

Please note:
We highly recommend you open your package/s immediately after receipt to allow the wood to breathe and avoid damaging the contents. Pitmaster Premium products have intentionally higher moisture content for premium performance when used in BBQ that can lead to product damage in an enclosed environment. We are not liable for product damage after receipt. Use your hardwood responsibly!

$13.00 $16.25

Flavor Profile

Mild, leans toward sweetness on most Pork, Sausage, and Fish

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