Our Sources

Our renewable raw materials are drawn from the surrounding counties in Washington State as our principle source. We feel the particular qualities that make this area so suitable for fruit production also imbues the wood of the trees with unique properties well suited for use as a food smoking source.

The particular qualities of weather and soil composition in this area make it highly suitable for fruit production. Fruit in this region is of excellent quality and we feel that carries over to the wood of the trees that produce it. It has been shown in the past by various sources that areas like this often produce fruit woods with higher natural sugar content and other qualities of mineral makeup that impart the desired flavors to the smoke generated in a proper food smoking environment. Fruit production by acreage in this area has continuously increased over time and more trees are being planted using a variety of new methods every year.

In addition there is a continued growth pattern in vineyards in the NorthWest. There are more producing wineries in Washington State and Oregon than ever before, many beginning to gain national reputation for quality and consistency of their offerings. Woody Grapevine is an excellent smoking material and we look forward to bringing the best of these to our customers in the future.

That means we have access to an ever growing supply of fruit woods produced in a sustainable manner to find the best quality products for our customers.

Our experience with the Orchardists in our community show that they have great concern for the condition and quality of their trees in pursuit of successful fruit production. They know everything that was ever done to their trees and inform us of the current condition as part of the sourcing process. We enjoying working with them to bring these smoking materials to our customers.