Apple Wood

Apple Wood chunks for barbecues & smokers, currently offered in three chunk sizes as appropriate for your personal smoker. Please see below or the specific product size for more details.

There is a good reason more people use Apple Wood to barbecue & smoke their food every year: It tastes great! It's also easy to use due to it's milder flavor compared to some other varieties. We find that being able to smoke longer with Apple Wood is great for smoke penetration in the food. You will be amazed at the deep rings produced with this Apple Wood!

This product is mostly comprised of a variety of "rounds" of differing sizes, typically including bark. Please see product pictures for examples in each size.

Recommended for use with:

Pork - Ribs, Shoulder, Bacon, Chops
Beef - Ribs, Steaks, Roasts
Poultry - Chicken, Turkey, Game Birds
Fish - Salmon
Sausage - Bratwurst, Breakfast Links, Italian, and many more!
Cheese - Pick your favorite and run Cold!


Flavor Profile:

Mild, leans toward sweetness on most pork, sausage, and fish

Size Guide:

"Small Chunks" are roughly 1.5" - 2" (in.) on the longest side. They fit well in small to medium and kettle smokers, regardless of heat source. They can also be used directly on covered grills. Can also be used in most large smokers in large enough quantity.

"Medium Chunks" are roughly 2.5" - 3.25" (in.) on the longest side. They fit most medium to large and side-box smokers. Please be sure your smoker can handle the listed size before ordering!

"Large Chunks" are roughly 4.5" - 5.5" (in.) on the longest side. They fit some medium and most large and side-box smokers. Please be sure your smoker can handle the listed size before ordering!

Bob Says:

"This is my personal go-to wood for use with any pork product. My family and friends can't get enough of the Atlantic Salmon I smoke with this either! It's so mild, I am literally able to smoke with it for 4-6 hours without producing that bitterness and taste bud destruction typical of "too much smoke". The smoke penetration I get with this under my standard "low and slow" 165-180 deg F cooking temps for those hours is pretty amazing."