Reduced Shipping Rates via USPS Priority Flat Rate Service July 17 2015

Hi Folks,

In our never ending quest to reduce shipping costs for our customers, we are pleased to announce new lowered rates for our USPS Flat Rate Priority Service. We have managed to reduce the shipping cost on 2-5 lb. quantities to a new low of $5.00! In addition, our 6-10 lb. rate has been lowered to $10.00! It's now more cost effective than ever to get some of the finest smoking woods available delivered right to your door.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bob Coates

Lower Shipping Prices and Local Pick Up November 11 2014

Hi Folks!

We have partnered with a new vendor to offer lower flat-rate shipping prices while we integrate our next shipping service. We know shipping prices can be a bit hurtful, so we are doing everything possible to lower the cost of getting our premium smoking woods to your door! We are now able to offer flat rate shipping prices at lower than retail cost. This provides a savings of approximately 10 - 20% over retail pricing, depending on quantity ordered.

We are passing those discounts to on you, rather than keeping them hidden in the background, as it is not our intent to profit from shipping charges. We are a Customer First company and this is only one of the ways we strive to provide a solid value to our customer base. The new pricing is on our Shipping Options page, and also reflected in our shopping cart as of now.

Thank you for your support,

Bob C.

Thank you for your support! October 17 2014

Hi Folks,

Bob here, I wanted to thank everyone for their support, especially from friends and family in our area, since we launched the store this week. I also wanted to let folks know that we are working on a local delivery or pick-up options in shipping for those who live in our vicinity. We understand that USPS flat rate isn't very economically feasible for those in our immediate area.

Also in regards to shipping options, we are working to integrate additional vendors (FedEx, etc.) that will allow larger quantities and also make shipping more reasonable where possible.

I will update as the new features come online.

Thank you,

Bob C.