Sustainability Event in Cashmere WA January 15 2016

Hi Folks,

We're kicking off the new year with our participation in a Business Sustainability event being held in Cashmere, Washington on Wednesday January 27th. We have been invited to be part of the small business panel talking about how we use sustainable practices in our business operations, and then opening things up for a Q&A session immediately following. We hope to add to the growing trend of running environmentally friendly businesses in some small way, by passing along the things we have learned to other interested people.

Here's a link to the host's website with additonal particpants and details about the event:

Wenatchee River Institute Website -

If you are in our area, we encourage you to come out and hear about how we and other area businesses are trying to do our part to make our community a better place!

Bob Coates

Why wood quality matters; a great article by Scott Thomas October 14 2015

Hi Folks,

I've been trying to write a good article on wood for smoking and the important details thereof, plus a wood smoke pairing guide for a long time. Before I could manage to finish my own, the folks over at contacted us about a similar article they had recently published by Scott Thomas (the gentleman behind, called "Up in Smoke: All About Smoke Woods for Grilling". They also offered us use of the infographics on our own site to assist interested folks when they are selecting woods for purchase based on intended fare.

Like most of Scott's stuff, it's a great article and helps illustrate why you want the best wood possible when you are preparing food in the presence of wood smoke. We know that it doesn't take much foreign debris to change the flavor of wood smoke, it's literally in the Parts Per Million (PPM) which is an extremely fine measurement by it's very definition. Poor quality wood, wood exposed to various chemicals for preservation or colorizing, hydrocarbon contamination, and poor storage can all contribute to poor quality wood smoke that translates to poor or unhealthy food attributes when you BBQ or smoke.

These are the reasons we work so hard to bring you the highest quality product. We know the history of the wood we produce, we work closely with the growers to ensure the highest possible quality from the time it comes off the tree to the time it lands on your doorstep. We naturally season our wood and then wash it  before we store it in a controlled environment where it awaits your order to be cut. When we produce wood chips, we use the same hand selected wood we bring you in our chunk products, no compromise on the quality of the wood is made whatsoever. We don't add "junk" wood or pallets to our production line, so you can be assured you are getting what you paid for when you order wood chips from us.

I'm hoping to add the infographics to our site next week in a more useful location, but here is the main one from the article for reference below. Go check out Scott's article, it's spot on!

Smoke Wood: Wood and Food Pairing

Bob's Smokin' Hardwood is now on Facebook August 12 2015

Hi Folks,

We finally found the time to launch our Facebook Page! Be sure to go check out all the pictures and give us a Like while you are there. And speaking of pictures, we also post on Instagram with photos of mouth watering food and fantastic products. Both are great ways to be notified of sales events! Be sure to give us a Like when you stop by, and share us with your friends!

Thank you for your support,

Bob Coates

Interview by the Wenatchee Business Journal™ May 29 2015

Bob's Smokin' Hardwood™ came to the attention of the local business press recently after we made a small presentation to the Douglas County Port Authority. The Port Authority was interested in hearing more details about our business thanks to the Small Business Development Center in our area, so we brought down to samples and probably told them more than they wanted to hear. I was excited to see they had some regard for the concept of Sustainable Capitalism, where a business owns all of it's social costs and pays a living wage, creating net gains in a community where situated. That is our business ethic, so that was important to us! They also liked the fact that we are aiming for 99% recyclable non-plastic based packaging for all of our products.

Nevonne McDaniels, the editor of the Wenatchee Business Journal (, asked me for an interview & picture opportunity afterwards, which caught me completely me off guard! I invited her to our processing and packaging site the next day. She was very personable and easy to speak with, hopefully I didn't say anything that's sounds too dumb! I'm sure the excitement and pride we feel about this business was clearly communicated, she was working on filling up her notebook quickly once I got started about our products and plans. (lol) I still felt a bit nervous as this was my first time being interviewed about anything.

She said we would be in next month's issue, which I believe comes out today!

Very exciting stuff!

Bob C.