Sustainability Event in Cashmere WA January 15 2016

Hi Folks,

We're kicking off the new year with our participation in a Business Sustainability event being held in Cashmere, Washington on Wednesday January 27th. We have been invited to be part of the small business panel talking about how we use sustainable practices in our business operations, and then opening things up for a Q&A session immediately following. We hope to add to the growing trend of running environmentally friendly businesses in some small way, by passing along the things we have learned to other interested people.

Here's a link to the host's website with additonal particpants and details about the event:

Wenatchee River Institute Website -

If you are in our area, we encourage you to come out and hear about how we and other area businesses are trying to do our part to make our community a better place!

Bob Coates

Reduced Shipping Rates via USPS Priority Flat Rate Service July 17 2015

Hi Folks,

In our never ending quest to reduce shipping costs for our customers, we are pleased to announce new lowered rates for our USPS Flat Rate Priority Service. We have managed to reduce the shipping cost on 2-5 lb. quantities to a new low of $5.00! In addition, our 6-10 lb. rate has been lowered to $10.00! It's now more cost effective than ever to get some of the finest smoking woods available delivered right to your door.

Thank you for your continued support,

Bob Coates

Getting our Brand on! May 27 2015

We hope you like the new web site design that we've implemented here at Bob's Smokin' Hardwood!

We are still working through a few minor issues as is the norm for these things, but it has a much better look and feel that aligns with our brand more closely. If you notice any specific problems, please send us an email so we can make sure it gets fixed. We want you to have a good experience on our site.

In addition to working on our new branding, we've been out getting our hands on the premium hardwoods you expect from us. The apple and pear we got recently looks fantastic! We also sourced a small amount of woody grapevine and mulberry, so keep an eye out for those to arrive in our store when they are ready. Fair warning when they go up, the quantities will be limited due to availability.

As part of the new branding effort we also acquired some bumper stickers, so don't be surprised if you see one out in the wild or you get one in your next order. We are putting them in orders randomly as they come through to help spread them around a bit. If the good feedback continues, we'll do another batch and think about adding some window films that can go on the inside of a window and be removed easily.

We are also getting great feedback from the orchardists we work with on sourcing our wood. Our business helps them and at the same time finds a great use for what would otherwise be considered a waste stream. When you buy Bob's Smokin' Hardwood™ you are helping us help them, and at the same time helping our great community.

We all appreciate your support!

Bob C.

Thank you for your support! October 17 2014

Hi Folks,

Bob here, I wanted to thank everyone for their support, especially from friends and family in our area, since we launched the store this week. I also wanted to let folks know that we are working on a local delivery or pick-up options in shipping for those who live in our vicinity. We understand that USPS flat rate isn't very economically feasible for those in our immediate area.

Also in regards to shipping options, we are working to integrate additional vendors (FedEx, etc.) that will allow larger quantities and also make shipping more reasonable where possible.

I will update as the new features come online.

Thank you,

Bob C.