Welcome to the Grand Opening of Bob's Smokin' Hardwood! October 14 2014

We are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Bob's Smokin' Hardwood!

To Celebrate, we are offering our Cherry Wood Chunks at special pricing until they are gone!

Please let me introduce myself: my name is Robert "Bob" Coates, the COO of Bob's Smokin' Hardwood. I have been a grilling and smoking enthusiast for many years.

Some number of years ago I had the opportunity to move to the beautiful Wenatchee Valley, where I found myself surrounded by thousands of acres of wonderful fruit orchards. It didn't take me long to realize what a bonanza of grilling and smoking materials were available in this area. I have been personally using the wood we offer to you for smoking food for quite some time, and frankly I feel we have some of the best woods available in the country in this vicinity.

Orchardists here grow a wide variety of fruit trees, and in a sense they are tree farmers as much as fruit producers. Every year they produce a renewed resource of wood trimmings that are wonderfully suited for food preparation. With all of these renewable resources available in the area, it occurred to us that we could potentially bring the same woods we use every week for smoking and BBQ to other enthusiasts around the country for their enjoyment in a sustainable manner. Thus I undertook to start Bob's Smokin' Hardwood with local friends and family last year, culminating in our Grand Opening today!

We have set out to be a valued part of our local community by finding improved economic use for raw materials that were available in our area. We also aim to be a valued part of the larger smoking and BBQ community found around the country by sourcing renewable premium products for their use, and offering them at competitive prices.


Our Promises to You:

Great Customer Service - Our team of owners care about our products and your experience with them. To that end, we are very interested in customer feedback regarding all aspects of our business, and your shopping and smoking experience. We only want you to have the best results with our products! If for any reason you are not satisfied with our products, we ask you to contact us at your earliest convenience so we can resolve any issues you may have, to your satisfaction.

Premium Quality Products - Our products undergo multiple Quality Assurance steps in our production process in an effort to provide only the finest quality of materials for your use. These steps are undertaken by the owners of the company, and you will see one of our signatures on every packing list assuring you that only the best quality product was shipped to our customers.

Sustainable Practices - We have no interest in adding to deforestation in the United States, therefore we will only offer products from renewable sources to our customers.

Responsibility - We are a responsibly managed company, with care for our community and environment. We strive to make a better place for all!

Our current product offering will grow from the varieties presented today as we undertake new relationships with Orchardists in the area to increase the selection of suitable smoking woods. Our area is specifically known for it's Apple, Cherry, and Pear production - the three wood types we offer you today. Peach, Apricot, Nectarine, Grape, and Plum are among the other varieties we expect to source as we continue to grow our business. Additionally we are working to source Organic Fruit woods to offer to those seeking that type of product for their own reasons.

Watch our site for additional varieties and formats as we continue to ramp up operations to proudly service your smoking and BBQ needs!

Thank you,
Bob C.

Bob's Smokin' Hardwood